Arm Sling Pouch (Baggy)

Arm Sling has been designed to assist with injuries to the arm, wrist or hand, Acromioclavicular sprains, Anterior glenohumeral dislocations, post cast removable. With a deep pocket pouch, it has been constructed out of black cotton material. The thumb loop helps prevent wrist drop and the adjustable slide buckle on strap is for best fit.


  • Soft quality fabric as envelope for resting the forearm with elbow bent.
  • Non-stretchable strap helps to reduce pressure and evenly distribute weight of the affected arm over the other shoulder.
  • Non-stretchable strap helps to relieve pressure on the shoulder joint
  • Skin Friendly, Easy Breathe, Adjustable Support, Ergonomic Fit
  • shoulder pad further reduces pressure on the neck and shoulder region and provide comfort
  • Simple closure, using velcro and plastic buckles.
  • Special thumb loop is provided inside the pouch for resting the hand.


  • Brachial nerve injury
  • Upper arm fracture
  • Shoulder subluxation/ dislocation
  • Post surgical protection

How to wear:

  • Insert forearm in the sling pocket.
  • Pull strap over the shoulder. Insert the hook end of the strap into the buckle.
  • Adjust the length of the shoulder strap so the elbow joint rests at an approximate 90° angle. Then fasten the hook and loop closure to tighten.
  • Insert the hook end of the waist trap into the buckle. Adjust the length of the waist strap to provide stabilisation. Then fasten the hook and loop closure to tighten.

Sizing Chart:

Measure the length of forearm.





10 – 11

25 – 28


11 – 12

28 – 30


12 – 13

30 – 33


13 – 14

33 – 36


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Arm Sling Pouch (Baggy)

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