Philadelphia Cervical Collar

The Philadelphia collar is a two-piece collar which has a front piece and a back piece and is held together by Velcro straps. The collar is used to support your neck bones and ligaments and reduce any movement that may further damage your neck. The collar immobilises neck movement to promote spinal alignment, it also helps in other spinal anomalies and post-operative support. The collar controls unwanted cervical flexion / extension and rotation.


  1. Firm Stabilization, Yet Quite Comfortable, Very Light Weight & Easy to Use
  2. Using front and back reinforcements, the philadelphia collar provide superior stabilization, ensuring neck immobilization and cervical spine immobilization.
  3. Trachea Opening In Front Alleviates Heat And Moisture, Provides Easy Access For Carotid Pulse And Tracheotomies
  4. Front And Back Durable Plastic Limits Motion
  5. 2 Piece Shell Featuring Contours
  6. Resistant To Water For Bathing And Aquatic Therapy


Wearing Instructions:


  1. Position the front piece in the front, with your chin resting on the chin cup of the collar.
  2. Place the back piece on the backside of the neck (top side is indicated by arrow).
  3. Pull velcro hooks of the back piece onto velcro loops of the front piece and adjust for comfortable and proper fit.

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Philadelphia Cervical Collar

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