Thumb Spica Splint (Neo)

A Thumb Spica Splint is simply a type of splint that immobilizes the thumb and wrist to keep it stable enough for healing or transport. Many wrist based injuries use a Thumb Spica Splint (Neo) to keep them stable because of how easy they are to put on and how effective they are in keeping the wrist and thumb stable.

Thumb sprains, strains, and other thumb joint injuries can be very serious and require surgery if not healed promptly and properly. This thumb spica splint (Neo) is designed to support and stabilize the joints of the thumb in order to help heal and recover from these thumb injuries.

This Thumb Spica Splint is anatomically designed to provide comfortable and secure immobilization of the thumb while additionally allowing the other digits freedom to move. It not only provides thumb injury treatment but also provides circumferential compression necessary to heal various injuries in the thumb.

Through compression and immobilization of the thumb joints, it also reduces swelling, manages pain, and prevents the wrist and thumb from harmful movements that would otherwise further one’s damage and pain.

Constructed of foam laminated fabric, this splint is extremely durable, making it great for everyday use while still remaining comfortable to the wearer. The thumb and wrist splint also features a wrap-around contact closure design, making application and adjustability quick and easy for the user.


  • ·         Immobilize the thumb and/or wrist while allowing the other digits freedom to move.
  • ·         Hold thumb in abduction and restrict the movement of MCP and CMC joints
  • ·         Suitable for post-operative use or after removal of a hand/thumb cast,
  • ·         Provide support for thumb injuries
  • ·         Velcro strips are used to secure and maintain the splint on the wrist
  • ·         Constructed of rigid perforated Metal enclosed fabric with a soft lining which is pliable and can be moulded according to the shape and size of the hand for comfort
  • ·         Metal enclosed fabric which is pliable and can be moulded according to the shape and size of the hand
  • ·         Ergonomically designed, snug fit
  • ·         The splint fits in both hands.

How to wear:

  • ·         Position the contoured stay on the outer side of the thumb
  • ·         The top hook and loop strap goes around the thumb and the bottom strap around the wrist joint
  • ·         Wrap and secure the reinforced strap to desired compression

Application (Product used for):

The thumb Spica splint brace is indicated for the following injuries and conditions:

  • ·         Thumb sprain/strain
  • ·         Light to moderate thumb injuries
  • ·         Thumb tendonitis
  • ·         Trigger thumb
  • ·         scaphoid fracture thumb
  • ·         Post thumb surgery
  • ·         Gamekeeper's thumb (Injury to UCL)
  • ·         De Quervain’s Syndrome
  • ·         Carpal tunnel
  • ·         Jammed thumb
  • ·         Dislocated thumb
  • ·         Broken/Fractured thumb
  • ·         Thumb arthritis

Sizing Chart:

Measure the circumference of wrist





5 - 10

12 – 25

Washing Instructions:

  • ·         Hand wash with mild liquid detergent and cold water.
  • ·         Do not wring or twist, dry in shade on a flat surface, away from heat and sunlight.
  • ·         Do not iron, dry clean or bleach.

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Thumb Spica Splint (Neo)

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